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Submitted by Ricky Ward on

Thank you for posting my comment as it appeared you were avoiding doing so. However your response appears to avoid the issues. 1: The project has nothing to do with improving cycling and walking and reducing pollution; 2: The so-called community consultation is a farce and the bank should either have made sure it was genuine or pulled the plug on it. James from City Life has asked you to contact him but informs me you have not. It is such a simple matter to put out a press release to all the local outlets at every stage of the process to inspire the community to be involved. This omission is reprehensible. We know what "Chiang Mai Municipality reached out to community leaders" means. It means talking to mates of the mayor and his clique. The national government did likewise with its 350 billion baht water management project, was forced by the court to engage in consultation and then again did its best to exclude possible objectors. Little wonder that some in their exasperation are turning to that demagogue Suthep.