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Dear Khun Chanin,
Thank you very much for what you are doing towards a "green mobility" in Chiang Mai. I would also appreciate, however, if you could be more explicit about the actual Project definition, as your description at appraisal for this GEF grant (July 2011) is pretty vague. In particular: against which Projects components (eligible expenditures) are you planning to disburse the GEF grant? I say "planning" as the initial deadline for grant disbursement (July 2013) was postponed to Dec. 2013 and seems now moved to March 2014. Of course you know that with GEF, it is international public money that is made available to the WB and full accountability is therefore a must. I wonder also how you can improve the "share of personal trip by non-motorised transport ... to 10%, from a baseline of 4%" which is one of your measurable performance indicator for this Project. Some readers above have suggested feasible and quite straightforward actions, and we could also add the obvious pedestrian areas and cycling lanes, at least within the town's moat. However, a campaign for the improvement of the local environmental awareness seems to me also of paramount importance. In short, the case may not be totally hopeless (as some readers have suggested), since where there is a will, there is also a way. Chiang Mai still deserves a chance to become once again the "garden city" of Thailand.