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Submitted by Roger Chao Jr on

Hi Nicholas,

i do agree with your point on individual learning needs and desires which are in no way inferior to those granted some sort of certification or qualification. In the Philippines ALS, there are issues on quality and sustainability related to the teaching and learning practices. I guess its true anywhere in the world anyway given limited resources (Human resources, financing, infrastructure). I actually am interested in pushing for recognition of prior learning within a systematic frameworks of assessment, validation and ensuring pathways to qualifications. So far, such a process is still very expensive, and in most cases the quality of the assessment and validation processes questionable.

i somehow feel that alternative learning systems tend to end up as a literacy and/or functional literacy program. i believe with more creativity and innovation such a platform may be linked to the formal certification and qualification system. To date, however, it still remains waiting given the current state of ALS and the question of its sustainability should external funding be cut off.