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  • Reply to: Filipinos, how are you adapting to climate change? You ask, we answer   2 days 20 hours ago

    Thank you for the article and for the concern on the interest of the Filipino people in adapting to climate change.
    In most cities in the Philippines, the use of private vehicles definitely puts an increase on greenhouse gas emissions due to the amount of time these vehicles are running because of the congestion of traffic. The government has been consistent in widening and building roads but I do not believe we need more roads or wider ones. I think we should have an effective electric mass transportation system that will discourage (up to eliminate) the use of private vehicles that emit these gases.
    If we invest on mass transportation systems on main roads with electric trains and buses, there will also be space for a safe bike lane that will further promote conservation of energy and possibly also, healthy lifestyle for the population.
    Widening and building roads, however, seem to topple the creation of mass transportation systems because of the cost of the technology and the Philippines will definitely need funding to pursue the latter.
    My question is: If the Philippines is to pursue these efficient electric mass transportation systems, what kind of support can the Philippines expect from the World Bank in the fight against climate change and in committing to Working for a World Free of Poverty?

  • Reply to: Malaysia’s long race to competitiveness   3 days 24 min ago

    Very perspicacious thinking - Aimable and Laura.

  • Reply to: How to scale up financial inclusion in ASEAN countries   3 days 2 hours ago

    It give me lot of knowledge and make me confirm how much financial institutions are important

  • Reply to: Taking Sanitation to Scale in Vietnam   3 days 10 hours ago

    Great insights on whats happening outside India on Sanitation.

    In last two years, through our Rural Sanitation project 'Right To Go' we have empowered 371 families with their own individual toilet blocks in Sogav and Nandwal village of Shahapur taluka of Thane District in Maharashtra state of India.

    The major reasons behind the success of these two projects are:
    • Availability of water
    • Beneficiary centric approach, it has to be a need based project
    • Involvement of Beneficiaries through their sweat labor as well as financial contribution
    • Appointment of local contractor
    • Taking care of the behavioral aspects and habits through counselling
    • Soft training in hygiene and toilet maintenance
    • Identification of active/influential group of people in village and involving them in mobilization of villagers.
    Currently the third project is being undertaken in Dahigaon village with next 250 individual toilet blocks.
    I have taken this as my personal mission and will be happy to guide anyone on this.
    The next plan is to make this scalable in bigger way, instead of one village in one year, plan to do 4 to 5 villages in each year.
    I have seen that if you are true to your cause and passionate about it, finance is never a problem.
    We have been financially supported by Indian American Dr. Renuka Desai, Rotary Foundation and of course my own club Rotary Club of Thane Hills, India.
    There are many Corporate who wish to come forward if they find 'right' people to work with.
    Now that Government of India has roped in Mr.PARAMESWARAN IYER for Swatch Bharat mission, we expect a lot happening in this sector.
    I am positive about India!

  • Reply to: How to scale up financial inclusion in ASEAN countries   3 days 17 hours ago

    Nice article