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  • Reply to: Philippines: Why We Need to Invest in the Poor   1 week 3 days ago

    I do believe the government should prioritize investing with the middle class rather than the poor.

    More than this, goevrnment should invest eavily on intellectual infrastructure of the country, protect the bright minds, encourage and support innovation, and strengthen the national innvovation system, which up to this moment, is almost non-existent in the Philippines.

    Government can not even value the economic needs and productivity of the middle class, as these needs impacts businesses of the tycoons which support them during elections.

  • Reply to: Philippines: Owning a Toilet is a Sign of Progress   2 weeks 1 day ago

    Do we know what sort of toilet it is? Article mentions latrine but not what sort

    Also, normally the success of these sanitation programmes requires the whole end to end servicing including emptying, collection, transport and processing of waste

    Otherwise the whole thing falls over - or even worse, the waste just gets dumped in local waterways and spreads the problem

    Anybody know how these issues are managed under this programme?

  • Reply to: Philippines: One Year after Typhoon Haiyan: Social Protection Reduces Vulnerabilities to Disaster and Climate Risks   2 weeks 2 days ago

    I am from the Philippines. I am doing a paper on Social Protection like CCT, and its use in Disaster Response in typhoon Haiyan. May I request relevant documents presented, or the output of this forum. Thanks a lot.

  • Reply to: Taking Sanitation to Scale in Vietnam   2 weeks 2 days ago

    I am living in Hoa Binh province. After reading this article "" and your blog, I am shocked to realize that nearly 60% of Hoa Binh people do not access to good toilets. When going out of the city, I knew that there're many people in HB defecate openly, but I guessed the percentage of 40%. There's a fact that Vietnamese people drink 3 billion litre of beer annually. This equals to 3 billion USD. If all of beer expenses are used to build good toilets, we can build 20 millions household toilets (As I know, Childfund spent about 150 USD on building a good household toilet). If Vietnamese people save beer expenses to build toilets, we can eradicate open defecation in few coming years. I have an idea to open a communication campaign on saving beer expenses to built toilets. We can draw pictures using cans of beer to form a toilet, a healthy man with less beer drinking, healthy and happy woman and children having good toilets to use. I hope to find someone who could help to make my idea come true. Then I could make a little contribution in bringing a better life for my people. :)

  • Reply to: We Children Can Help Other Children Too   2 weeks 3 days ago

    You have inspired me by helping families. I should, everybody should help less fortunate people in this world.

    Mathys B