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  • Reply to: From farm to chopsticks: Improving food safety in China   1 week 1 day ago

    Very good post!

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    Thanks for the comment. The use of different policies and procedures between domestic and export/import products is a challenge which need to be analyzed on a case by case basis as the costs to bridge the gap and the potential health the impact vary according to the produce and value chain.

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    Great post! Made me think of an interesting paper by IFPRI on a way to measure the regulatory gaps between exporting and importing countries when a particular SPS standard is applied named "Bridge to Cross" (BTC). The researchers modeled this method to SPS regulation relating to aflatoxin contamination in corn, and it seems that the effect of BTC is larger the smaller the exporter is, and thus poorer countries could be more affected by this regulatory gap as the reduction of BTC costs become prohibitive. It made me wonder about these types of initiatives on smaller producers (domestic and foreign) in the Chinese supply chain. the article is here:

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    Thank u for ur opinion. Im not sure what is ur understanding of our malaysian democracy n constitution n which part of the world u r from or from which type of democracy practise u been rising from. But please let me know whether is it a good democracy or not in a country such as Malaysia... we have 10 billionaires, 8 are Chinese, 1 is indian, 1 is Malay. We have independent for almost 60 years now. And chinese n malay still can live with each other with us the 'spoilt' without hesitation...without anyone starvings. 3.4% is our unemployment rate. Who administer this.. sorry to inform you.. the malaysian muslim n yes most of us themalay, chinese n infdian. Can u tell me any chinese school with chinese school name that can be found in indonesia or maybe in the UK where officially they recognise the chienese education ...such as Malaysia do? Who allow this?.. obviosly the one that u refer to the 'spoilt' malaysia muslim? Your comment dont sound you have good grade in history or in economic study. Study more then. Take care.

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    Your comment is like seeing the mote in other's eye, but not seeing the beam in our own eye. Obviously, you're Malaysian Malay or Malaysian Muslim citizen that know nothing about true democracy. The main problem is that the government isn't democratic but religious-fascist. Malaysian Malay people (muslims) are totally spoilt by their government so if you all wanna know about the true Malaysia, you should listen what Malaysian intellectual from Indian, Chinese and Aboriginal races have to say about this topic.