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Submitted by Phan Nam on

To begin , I sincerely thank you for your research and your feelings for Viet Nam. I absolutely agree with you regarding reasons of poverty in Viet Nam according to your research. In addition, I think one more important reason is the lack of cultivation land for Vietnamese farmers/farmers in Viet Nam.
As of my observation, , in Northern Vietnamam, almost all cultivation land has been used while the population is increasing. I would to consider Viet Nam economy (as) the household economy. Innheriting traditions, it is typical that my peoples live in a big family of multi-generations. For the pastdecades , the population has grown very fast. In remote areas, the normal number of children born in each family is from2 to 5. leading to the fact that families nowadays do not possess enough land to divide for their children when they grow up. This has cause young people to leave for cities to find jobs, leaving land for the elderly.
Young people usually do manual labour because most are not trained, poorly disciplined and the weakened industry of VN can only take in partially That's why young labors in VN are poorly paid.
Old people in rural areas often do agricultural production but products made has little profit, and they often suffer from losses besides difficulties to access credits. In fact, they find every way including growing crops but this has not been ineffective.
In my opinion, the solution should focus on young people because Vietnamese young people is highly dynamic and adaptable to new things, even those without training. When young people earn income, the elderly also benefit because the Vietnamese tradition is the younger take care of their parents.
The most important factor is jobs, because this depends largely on the health of the economy. Vocational training and credit provision will become meaningless if they have no site to produce. In my opinion, practical measures is to create production facilities(or business) in each region, as appropriate to each region so that they can compete with the market, the capital will contribute by peoples in that region, and WB can help them by providing consultants or funds.. there has been a lot of poverty reduction programs, but half-hearted and unpractical will beof no meaning.
Now, i'm a student in Hanoi, my hometown in Thai Nguyen province, my father knew many poor farmers and understand their lives. We are happy to help you in our abilities. Hopefully I can help little something to help you to help Viet Nam can out of poverty.
Thank you for your consideration.