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Rachel Cooper is a consultant for the World Bank's Education Global Practice.  Read more »
Rafael E. De Hoyos is a senior economist in the education unit of the World Bank. Rafael currently manages education... Read more »
Raj works as a digital strategist at the World Bank, adapting current and emerging technologies for use in communications. He currently... Read more »
Raja is a Lead Specialist in the World Bank’s Education Global Practice. Her most recent assignment was as a Program Leader for Human... Read more »
Ramatoulaye George-Alleyne is a development communications expert who is currently supporting the World Bank’s Education Global Practice.... Read more »
Reema Nayar is Practice Manager in the Latin America and Caribbean Unit of the Education Global Practice of the World Bank. In this... Read more »
Rita K. Almeida is a Senior Economist at the Education Practice at the World Bank. In the past, she worked at the Social Protection &... Read more »

Robert Hawkins is a Sr. Education Specialist in the World Bank with a focus on science and technology as well as the role of technol... Read more »

Robin Horn is an Adviser at the World Bank's Human Development Network.  He is responsible for leading the work program charged... Read more »

Rosemary Rop works on pro poor reforms with regulatory agencies, utilities and non governmental organizations to extend water and... Read more »