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Technology use at the village level is growing. A company that I know well: (I was on their Board for a while) has been successfully dispensing payments for the National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (NREGS) using Biometrics for a number of years now (has over 18 million clients with about 50,000 new ones added every day) and it is expected that over a period of time the entire country will move to this model (with FINO and others) of handling payments for government schemes. And, once that device infrastructure is in place it could potentially be used for other purposes (such as marking attendance) as well. In our work ( we are exploring the use of technologies such as FrontlineSMS, Ushahidi and Uniphore Technologies to build some sort of feedback loops between the villager and the government and to report that on public websites. This in our view will ensure that there is at least some accountabilty for all the money that is being spent.