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Submitted by Lin on
Couldn't agree more. The whole obsession with test scores frustrates me so much. I was a pretty smart kid and I was so bored and not challenged in my "top in the nation" high school, so I kept dropping out. Once, i came back and had to take classes with the grade below me, which was also the first year of a new standardized test, the OGT. I had taken the classes before, and the difference in the same classes, with the same teachers was amazing, in the worst way possible. I didn't see (or experience) any learning, only cramming useless facts into our short term memories. My US history teacher had been my favorite, we'd act out immigration and all sorts of things, really giving us a feel for the human face of history and why things happened as they did. He had almost no activities like that once the school started pushing OGT studying. Needless to say, I quit again. I received a full scholarship to college, so I'm no worse for the wear, but I feel sick whenever I hear people pushing test scores. To me, high test scores mean almost nothing. What good are dates and names that they won't remember 2 weeks after the test? I'd much rather see kids learning concepts and critical thinking, learning to appreciate and enjoy science and learning, and to learn skills that will be of use to them in their lives and career paths, etc. Stuff that will stick. Tests do not!