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We at World ORT are delighted to see the resurgence of interest in the value of vocational education - after all, we have been doing it for over 130 years! Our current focus on science and technology, and the use of modern technological tools across subjects, is simply the latest manifestation of our founders' recognition that the best help we can give the poor and underprivileged are the skills and knowledge they need to help themselves. In previous generations we have taught basket weaving, farming skills, tailoring, watchmaking, and car mechanics. Now we are likely to teach nano- and bio-technology, optometry, international trade and commerce, and computer science as maths, modern languages, geography, art and fashion design. Our "Education for Life" is an investment in independence. Freeing people from dependence on welfare or charity boosts their sense of self-worth and enables them to contribute to their communities. Greater self-assurance opens people up to empathise with others, increasing tolerance, and maximises their ability to make the most of career opportunities. In short, happier, more productive indviduals; wealthier, more tolerant communities; healthier, more stable countries. It's wonderful that the snobbery which has accumulated in recent generations against vocational education now appears to be waning and that the pragmatic approach World ORT has pursued for seven generations is gaining currency.