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I fully endorse what Jishnu has described. It's a common scene in our public sector schools especially so in the rural areas of Pakistan. Our schools have been using physical punishment as a kind of deterrent for discipline. We have hardly understood the science of dealing with the children in order to motivate them for learning, social interaction and good behavior. In Sindh province, on the recommendations of the UNICEF, corporal punishment was banned through a govt., bureaucratic notification some time back without any public dissemination or campaign highlighting the issue and its consequences on the child psychology. Not a single incident of use of corporal punishment in a public school in Sindh, has ever been reported by govt. education offices. Is n't it amazing !! A notification has solved our problems for good. It's interesting to see the international development partners keeping quiet and be satisfied with the govt. notifications complying with the recommendations of donor agencies. We need to highlight the issues and build pressure on the partner governments through media, community mobilization, and other ways to reach out the public so that a public lobbying effect may be created to influence the policy in real terms. I have seen that no program agreement nor any notifications can provide the solutions until and unless the community understands the problem and its solution and starts owing it. Thanks. AKS Pakistan