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Submitted by pjreddy on
I don,t agree fully that, Private schools are doing better in compare to Public schools, this may due to decentralized mgt, resources and the children background. In developing countries like India the poor children are in public schools where as rich are in Private schools. the private schools are also in various levels as per the fee they collect- the street corner school to International schools. Each school as its own set of standards. then how can we compare the children achievement standard from one school to another. The Private schools who getting funding from government, there is no proper accountability, except some missionary schools. Countries like India with unlimited corruption it would not better to support private schools unless rigorous monitoring. In India the government is giving permission to Private professional institutions with unlimited, where there is no proper mechanism to supervise, which resulted in poor performance of students. In public private partnership, people are showing the gimmick results which can not be sustainable for a long time. Only a few are doing with genuinely like Azim premji foundation. The public schools are better if scope is given to take up innovation in their everyday activities. Decentralization of administration will give fruitful results. thank you pjreddy.