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Submitted by Rowena on
Education of parents helps to educate their children. I obtained a university education as a mature age student, but it wasn't about me. It was about educating my children and lifting the family out of poverty and ignorance - permanently, down the generations. This is my experience: I come from, and married into, a large family mired in generations of poverty and ignorance and all that goes with it. When I was 28 my husband cleared out leaving me with three young children to bring up, the youngest only 1 year old, and I made a vow. I vowed that I would never allow my kids grow up into that world of poverty and ignorance and abuse and alcohol and welfare dependence and all the rest. I vowed to educate my kids, to send them to university, and I would start by setting them an example to follow - the only example they had - and educate myself. I put myself through a science degree by distance education while I worked by day as a gardener to support the family - that took 7 years - then a PhD. The strategy worked. I have attended the university graduations of all three of my kids. I have given to society three educated, employed, productive, confident and capable young people. Now I really believe that if education was more accessible to parents, many of them would obtain qualifications and become educational role models for their children. If mothers who did not finish high school, or even primary school, could have opportunities (ie, free child care) to attend free adult classes and attain their higher school certificate, I believe this would convey the importance of education to their children.