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Submitted by tom abeles on

hola francisco,

The issues are many, as you note, which makes it very difficult to develop an international policy within an organization such as the WB and to develop a serious exchange in "Tweet" sized posts in an asynchronous exchange space. I am currently working in East Africa, work in Central and S. America and have consulted in S.E. Asia. I also edit a journal which focuses on educational futures, As you know, there are many development agencies, including OECD and NGO's as well as country based "aid agencies" actively working on this issue. And there are a number of creative programs in the developing countries. Unfortunately, the number of such organizations are many and the number of innovative approaches can probably be counted on one set of fingers. It is unfortunate that the number of qualified post secondary degree holders who have merchantable skills in developing countries are currently unemployed. So, "more of the same and better does not create work but creates unrest in the educated youth. The current direction is not sustainable, no matter what the quality is. It will take imagination in a sector which lacks that entrepreneurial spirit and mired in bureaucracy while claiming to promote entrepreneurial paths. Tom Tom Abeles