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Submitted by Jen on

Thank you for the article. Yes the golden days are over for Finland not on education but on business/economy as well.

The international community was silenced by Finland by its country-marketing through Team Finland to tell the world that Finland is so democratic, highly-educated, striving, and a place where santa comes from (usually disagreed by Sweden and Turkey). They (still) spent millions of euros each year "bribing" international journalists and newspapers to talk nicely about Finland BUT a the country is a big FAIL!

They silenced how minorities in Finland were discriminated (I am not talking about black people but foreigners in general). Now the Pisa scores are out. You know what the country's newspapers and politicians say? They say it is because of the migrants! Yes Pisa is Adolf's Arian race examination as opposed to evaluating the quality of society in education.

Finland was a big lame balloon and now it is popped. Let's keep this going...
After all why pay 20% corporate tax while paying much less in Estonia and being in the EU?