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Most times, I imagine how far we could go in the developing world without the huge support we receive from International Agencies like the World Bank, DFID, etc. to ensuring that things are done uprightly in the Education sector and others. A big kudos.

In Africa, the proliferation of non-state sector schools is becoming worrisome, considering the fact that there are no ADEQUATE government policies to ensuring that these schools provide high-quality learning environments for students. We wish there are better ways of making our government respond eefectively to this. In Nigeria, especially, there are thousands of non-state sector schools, and while some are doing terrific jobs, a good percentage do not provide quality education, nor have educative schools. Learning outcome has been defective as evident in some national basic examinations (WAEC, NECO, JAMB, GCE). Maybe, if our government could be strigent on their governing policies and regulatory exercise..then the intervention of private schools would mean more good than harm. #Think Private? Think Quality.