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Submitted by Susannah Hares on

Hi Harry and Laura (and Mike) -

Thanks for a great blog - characteristically insightful commentary on the sector.

In his blog Mike mentions a philanthropically funded SWAT team that helps government/regulators consider how to best involve the private sector. As it happens, ARK is launching exactly that. We have established an in-house team, in partnership with a major philanthropic investment firm, which is a dedicated resource to help policy makers think through what a good public/private partnership framework might look like. Some of the things we hope this SWAT team will do include:

• Convening a global coalition of education reformers
• Facilitating country-level roadmaps to develop good PPP policies and frameworks
• Supporting execution of PPP programmes
• Creating a repository of knowledge, evidence and tools to support PPPs
• Supporting systemic reform in other related and complementary areas – e.g. quality assurance, school inspection.

It's quite ambitious and we are just getting started. I've talked to Harry about this in the past - would be great to have Bridge involved too. Mike, I'll drop you a note offline to tell you a little bit more about it. Harry, it would be great to reconnect on this so I can let you know where things stand. I hope the conference goes well!