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Submitted by Alex Medler on

In terms of who works at these schools, I would suggest that at any scale beyond small pilots, we must assume the teachers will be like local teachers, hired from local labor markets, and probably compensated at levels of compensation comparable. That is certainly how it works in the charter world. Incrementally, they may get a little more or less compensation, and they may use alternative certification for a higher proportion of their teachers, but mostly it is still the same labor market for the same types of teachers.

I am very curious whether the U.S challenges with teacher retention (especially for those teachers placed in the most difficult circumstances) play out in other contexts.

We have some charters that attract and retain teachers over time, despite offering slightly less financially, because the school is high performing and the teachers find the efficacy and work environment superior. Other charters, meanwhile, certainly ask more of teachers, and unless it works, cannot keep them for long.