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Submitted by Amina Semlali on

"Elderly"/married women/poverty

I wanted to add to my previous comment - the importance of working directly with "elderly" women or already married women - since they often play a critical role in reinforcing traditions related to early marriage/FMG etc. and can help change perceptions (especially if the discussions are led by community members to avoid misconceptions/feelings of a "Western" or intrusive/culturally condescending agenda being forced upon them). Finding alternative "rites of passage" into womanhood could possibly help?

You also pointed to poverty - sadly child marriage seems to be increasing among for example Syrian refugees (although child marriage was not as wide spread pre- civil war) - poverty, despair, plain survival has tragically forced many refugees to marry off their young ones to richer neighbors passing through searching for young brides..

Pardon my rant, this is a topic that engages me. Thanks again for a great piece.

Amina Semlali
International development & Communications Specialist