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Yes, there is a definite need to improve the graduation rates in developing countries. However, I do not think it is useful to compare Denmark and Mexico. These are very different countries. yes, it will be great if all countries can become like Denmark. What we need to talk about is what do we do in developing countries to fast track the skills set. For example, How does a country like Mexico or South Africa that have a lower number of graduates accelerate this process. What practical steps does one take to ensure there is progress in terms of graduation? Specific areas to target will be the Foundation Phase or early phase of school which some call the formative years. That is why it is difficult to compare Denmark and Mexico. Denmark has a more egalitarian approach and the formative years of children's schooling is relatively similar for the majority of children. One cannot say the same for South Africa and Mexico. So the education system should target the Foundation Phase in developing and poor countries. Other issues could be looked at is differentiation possibly earlier in the case of poorer countries. Research tells us that if a child does not learn to read by the age of 8 the possiblity of leaving school is high. Mexico and other developing countries have a number of children that struggle to read because they are not exposed to print or books in the early years. Consequently their oral language and vocabulary development is stunted. That is why you cannot compare Denmark and Mexico but Denmark is an excellent country which we all need to aspire to.