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Great piece and it reflects a lot of the current dialogue about a shift from just ensuring access but also quality. The criticism of the MDG to an extent the EFA goals has been the atmosphere of preference for primary education at the "expense" of ECCE, Secondary Education , adult Literacy so I hold reservations for a less targets. I would argue that going forward, as an implementer of education project on ground there needs to be that intentional mention of other forms of education other than

Education also has to be given the priority. The issue of financing has come up and as usual there is some pushing and pulling on this. There has to be a firm commitment of what will be put in by governments both in the global north and south. After we have set up committees and blogs we needs to then start putting these great ideas in practice. We need to taken Education more seriously. Aid to Education has reduced over the years and this is key in implementing the outcomes of the post-2015 education development framework