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Submitted by Sigamoney Naicker on

Thank you for sharing an inspiring article Elizabeth. I think the World Cup has been inspiring and I was very moved and hopeful with the manner in which Ghana and Nigeria took on the most powerful teams in the world. Hard work, commitment, dedication and perseverance is what is required to move systems forward. My view is that it is possible to advance quality in any country despite the circumstances. One of the ways in which we can achieve this is to ensure there is quality interventions in the early years. Reading to children, making books available is an important point of departure. Inter-governmental collaboration between social development, health and education in the early years is an important intervention. Parents should become aware of their parenting responsibilities and educationists should make it possible for the value of education to be emphasized particularly in poor countries where education did not mean much for poor people. My view is that we need a game changer in the form of advocacy about the importance of reading and education in general, internationally but mainly in developing and very poor countries.