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Thanks for your comments. I agree that the issue of disabilities needs to be taken very seriously in any assessment program that purports to contribute to monitoring and achieving global learning. The fact is that many (most?) assessment programs do not offer decent options for measuring the learning of children with disabilities, even assessments carried in so-called developed education systems. The reasons range from cost to technical challenges, but none warrant excluding these students. Assessment should not prevent students with disabilities or other learning barriers from participating in the learning process or from demonstrating the learning they have achieved as a result of that process. Inclusive education -- and inclusive assessment -- has to be part of the post-2015 global agenda in education. Otherwise, we cannot truly say that it is a global learning agenda. I really hope that PISA for Development can identify some ways that assessments can be adapted to better capture the learning of the ‘non-typical’ student in a variety of contexts, both developed and developing.