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Dear Beth,

Many thanks for the comments and the link to your paper. Indeed, implemented in the right way, and coupled with the right policies in other areas (e.g. trade, labor markets etc.),  the ongoing reforms have the potential to raise long term economic growth rates. But as you say, increasing the number of years of schooling also need to translate into better learning outcomes. And the groundwork for better learning also has to be put in place long before children reach senior high. The K-12 reforms have other components that try and put these foundations in place. For example, kindergarten was recently made compulsory and enrolment rates have soared. And the introduction of multilingual mother tongue education in the early grades of elementary holds out the prospect of better early grade learning outcomes. However, as we say in the original blog, it is vital that such an ambitious reform program is monitored and adjusted where necessary to ensure it delivers the improvements it is aiming for.