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  • Reply to: Getting to learning in conflict and violence affected contexts   3 days 18 hours ago
    Vidur, I fully agree: abstractions limit addressing concrete safety, wellbeing and learning needs.  Resilience is one of those complex phenomena with multiple definitions and, thus, limited agreement on one.  In the Bank’s Education Global Practice, we defined it as the process followed by people (and their communities and institutions) to recover, continue to perform, and positively change amid adversity.  This definition is important as it helps us to collect existing and new evidence on what this process is and how to support it.  Understanding resilience is not to let vulnerable people fend for themselves, but to provide relevant support and services to build capacities and support a resilience process. SEL and PSP are but one of these supportive strategies.  You can find more detailed “unpacking” of resilience, here:;;
  • Reply to: Why we should invest in getting more kids to read — and how to do it   4 days 13 hours ago

    Excellent article Harry. As a Primary School leader, I find it difficult to engage my staff in discussions about Australia’s international performance because PISA and Timms assess secondary school students. We have NAPLAN which is a national assessment in year’s 3 and 5 which is provides a valuable data set but an international benchmark would provide opportunities for all schools and education systems to identify and learn from world’s best practice which is not available now.

  • Reply to: India: Is a college degree worth it?   6 days 4 hours ago

    Excellent findings.One of the serious issues in Higher Education in India is interference of politicians and vested interests affecting its performance. With great excitement NPTI under MoP designed and launched Technical and Management programmes focusing power Sector. In 15 years these programmes established themselves well and even achieved 100% placements in management course but suddenly closed on whims and fancies blaming losses, creating confusions between academics and training,declaring faculties incompetent and so on.Creating false datas to justify closure and getting it vetted from so many committees and meetings.Shocked to see how our system works to justify its objectives inspite of cries from thousands of students, parents, alumni,employers, press and so on.There is need to be some mechanism who listens and examines the issues holistically before taking drastic actions and derailing the systems thats too education.

  • Reply to: Finland: A miracle of education?   1 week 21 hours ago

    Finnish Mathematicians were Blowing Whistle on the Finnish Education Hype.

  • Reply to: Finland: A miracle of education?   1 week 1 day ago

    Inclusion and equity in education is a global need, more so in a diverse country like India. I would be very keen on learning more about the practices that are being followed across the world.