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  • Reply to: Q/A: Sally McGregor on Jamaica’s Pioneering Role in Early Childhood Development   3 days 11 hours ago
    Good piece with clear message. ECD definitively among the best investments to improve equity, even in China. And Sally you are not too old to keep helping the kids of this world.
  • Reply to: Q/A: Sally McGregor on Jamaica’s Pioneering Role in Early Childhood Development   4 days 15 hours ago

    This is an excellent article and I hope that more developing contexts and countries can advance early childhood education or focus on the formative years. If one has a long-term view of education this is where the focus should be. To build a better society and create the conditions for success in the economony there is no better place to begin than ECD. In most developing contexts there has to be trade offs since there are so many competing demands with a limited fiscus. However, there is too much of evidence that that suggests there is no better option than early childhood education.

  • Reply to: Global Education Targets: Are They Missing the Point?   2 weeks 3 days ago

    Interesting article Ariel. The problem I think is and as you point out "The magnitude of the challenges, and the difficulties to achieve the targets set in the past, should lead us to be rigorous and cautious when setting new goals." In setting goals one has to suggest ways in which these goals can be reached. The question is how do you arrive at those goals and what does it take to reach those goals. Whilst there is some merit in being ambiitious, in the current scenario very few of the ambiitions goals of have reached. In richer more affluent environments the value of education is well understood. I am not suggesting in poor environments the value is not known or undervalued. There are always competing priorities. Where do you invest your money? What should be prioritised? What are the trade offs? These are important considerations in setting targets or goals. For goals to be obtained there has to be a trade off. Unstable poor countries should benefit from position papers that ask the critical questions and setting a few achievable goals may make sense. What do you sacrifice and relegate to achieve a goal. What kind of sustained effort and what will it take to achieve those goals. Merely setting goals as likes and preferences is surely the wrong way to go. There should be substantial attention to detail and mapping out a trajectory that takes into consideration costs and trade offs as well as preparing a path towards that goal.

  • Reply to: Do we have any idea how to get kids into school?   3 weeks 5 days ago

    This comment goes to Donald Baum.
    Dear Donald, earlier I also believed that CCT produced good effect. But now I have reservations about agreeing to it. We have tried in India, we have got some successes also, but looking back, I am not sure now.
    Could you please refer to some good studies regarding this?

  • Reply to: Generating Evidence to Improve Learning   1 month 11 hours ago

    Absolutely Chris evidenced based interventions and planning is crucial to changing the education landscape. We need to know what we are dealing with before planning or attempting an intervention. Unfortunately many interventions are based on personalities rather than concrete evidence of what is wrong, what is working or what the challenges are. A sound and thorough understanding of the education landscape is essential for making a difference. It will be useful to generate a conversation about this issue in the wider education policy environment. The challenge is to move from peoples heads to whats on paper more truly reflects reality.