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In Africa, a strong push for capacity, quality and relevance in higher education

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At the recent Africa Higher Education Summit, I saw encouraging signs that African countries are investing in higher education. But while enrollment is increasing in tertiary education, there is still the need to improve the quality and relevance of programs. Today, Africa needs to urgently build the scientific and technological capacity to add value to its agricultural produce, minerals, oil and gas—as well as to meet urgent development needs.  There is in fact growing demand from African countries for holistic support to education at all levels, starting from early childhood development programs through to higher education, with a focus on equitable access for all.
Here are my main takeaways from the summit: 

African Higher Education Summit: Claudia Costin

The African Higher Education Summit, a three-day continental summit held in Dakar, Senegal, focused on revitalizing higher education for Africa’s future. The event served as a forum discussing themes such as policy harmonization across African universities, sustainable investment models, diversity, graduate employability, gender, governance, and the role of research.

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Submitted by Jimmy R. Aycart on

The event on tertiary education I think that it was and always would be a great idea. However, as an institution do not forget the effort that must be made with a
holistic support to education at all levels. This will require too the permanent training of the teachers and professors at all levels.

Submitted by Nacima Figia on

I think that the role of the research it is very crucial to support each country to draw the policy and strategies observing the context in each country , see the reality in terms of needs and experiences that it's possible to get as a good practices, that can improve to ensure that children can have a quality of education

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