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Submitted by Erkkie on
I have read your article on the study to document the potential educational uses of mobile phones in developing countries. As a teacher, I am very keen on the subject and am open minded in any debates on the issues of mobile phone use in schools. It therefore disappoints me when sometimes certain aspects of mobile phones are over-emphasized and others ignored just in order for one to strengthen his/her argument. A case in point is the contribution by Kasi "Mobile phone can never be used in education". Although we should be entitled to our opinions, we should be fair in our arguments as not to deliberately ignore certain facts just in order to promote our views. For example for each negative aspect of mobile phone listed by Kasi, there is a positive one as well. I am not arguing that mobile phones do not pose a challenge or that they are all positive. I just want us to be fair and point out both advantages and disadvantages, and have an open argument about them. That is because the fact remains that these are technologies that were designed with the goal of having a positive impact on the users. They were not designed so they can corrupt their users. Like any technology or good, it is up to us users to harness their positivity and address the challenge they pose as to minimize it's negative impact on the children. In my opinion, there is a lot of good we can do with mobile phones. Besides, they are here to stay and any attempt to ban them or outlaw their usage is as unrealistic as banning children from watching television - some programs may be harmful for them, but at the same time there's a lot of good, so, rather manage their TV watching habits as banning them shows loss of control from a parent's side. The same analogy should apply to mobile phone use.