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Many thanks to all of the groups and organizations who have contacted me (via email, phone and Twitter) in the past few days about this upcoming project. It is great to see that there is so much interest! We do hope to formally partner with one or more organizations during the course of this work, and with many more groups in various informal ways. Any consulting opportunities that arise in the course of this work will be announced on this blog and through the @WBedutech Twitter account, in addition to the normal channels. Beginning in September, we will begin to sketch out the scope of work under this project more concretely, in consultation with a wide group of stakeholders. There is a lot of potential ground to cover here. Where does it make sense for the World Bank to concentrate its efforts? Are there on-going or planned initiatives with which we should align? We certainly don't want to duplicate what others are already doing. One thing we hope to do with this work is to help build bridges between communities of practice and expertise emerging around this topic around the world with policymakers in government, and their various 'developmental partners', for whom this topic will be (we think) of increasing relevance in the years to come.