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I respect your opinion Kasi but hold a different position. I am not sure if the undeniable evidences in the literatures support your position as the vast uses of mobile phones in education is gaining useful attention and research with well-defined advantages. I strongly believe that if you have look up the literatures you will perhaps see that issues of connectivity, cheap cost and wide spread uses of mobiles phones around the world and especially developing countries where electricity and broadband have continuosly hindered implementation of technology in education as some of the advantages anyone could point at and this is constituting serious thinking among educators around the world. Yes there could be wrong uses of it but I will say that it is the same with wrong uses of secondlife which some 'hates' because it is common to see bad sexual practices there. Like any tool it could be used well or badly but it does not dismiss its importance. Technology is evolving and so all the points you raised are not beyond what human mind could tackle. I therefore support this project