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Submitted by Graeme on
It seems to me that this will be a very important study to provide some background to the use of mobile/cell phone technology & culture to enhance global knowledge and understanding. I believe that much of the success of the use of mobile phone technology will be based on the success of teachers in developing agreed values and ethic along with instilling independent learning practices in students. I have no doubt that the same issues were confronted by parents/educators in the past when they sent their children to school where they would be with many other children - 'they will never learn like this they will just play and talk' ... but protocols (values/ethics) and discipline had to be designed for this. The same for teaching children to read and write. There were undoubtedly cases where children duped their parents who were illiterate. Teachers were never able to stop the whispering or note-passing in class nor the naughty children using the dictionary or library finding inappropriate materials. What is important is that we capitalise on a cost effective way of engaging children in learning in a medium that they can relate to and using applications that are applicable. Just like our past educators used the games of the times to teach we must adapt and engage our scholars the same. Let's face it; it is going to be more pervasive not less. Let's do what the best colonialists have done. Not fight it but encompass it. Rather than argue about whether we should let's explore how we can do it best.