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Submitted by Bhuvnesh Chaturvedi on
The world has been talking about ICT Interventions. There are certain roadblocks in the journey viz. High License Cost, Lack of Standard Platforms and Cost of End User Training. Uncoordinated Research is resulting into huge loss of funds. Currently most of the technocrats in ICT Industry are working on entertainment technologies (chat, video, songs, gaming, so on) but not on education and employment generating technologies. The research focus is still lacking. Even when MDGs were notified decades ago young generation employed in ICT Industries are not aware of human priorities. Million of people die of hunger but still there is no coordination. E-Governance solutions are still unaffordable to rich governments also. Hence building appropriate data for all national problems is still a problem. We like to partner with development agencies across the world in focused research to remove all barriers to development. We can also offer Free IT Solutions for Education, Free Research Coordination Platform and Free E-Learning Suites.