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Hi Gabriela, Many thanks for your comments. My intention with this blog post was to have a quick look at how one small NGO, working with a variety of local partners, is exploring the use of technology in inventive and useful and interesting (and in this case, low tech!) ways, based on user-centric design principles. You wrote: "Access to water, energy, food and adequate health care seem to be bypassed here." Things like the Talking Book should of course be seen only as one part (and perhaps only a small part) of a larger approach. Too often people see the introduction of modern information and communication technologies as a "trick" (I like your terminology here) to quickly solve problems and challenges complex and long standing. If there were simple answers to questions like the one posed at the top of this blog entry, we would have found them long ago. But that's not to say that the development, adaptation and use of various technologies can't play important roles in this search for such answers.