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Sam, Thanks for your comments. Your question is mine as well! Indeed, the use of mobile phones as e-readers is one area of eager inquiry for us here at the World Bank (and the use of mobiles in education general is a topic of keen interest in general going forward, That said, while the utility of such devices is not in doubt (I read and approved your comment using a mobile device, and just completed reading an 850-page book using only an iPod Touch, which is essentially an iPhone without the voice functionality of the traditional 'phone'), they are only one device among many under consideration for use in many countries. Building a solid knowledgebase informed by actual on-the-ground experience utilizing a variety of tools, in a variety of contexts, is what we are after here. The work that Steve is doing at the Shuttleworth Foundation holds much promise in this regard (as does the work of others, like the group noted in the comment immediately before yours, WorldReader). We look forward to following this work closely as it develops. Additional note: In addition to his excellent blog, to which Sam links in his comment, readers of the World Bank EduTech blog may also be interested in some of Steve Vosloo's recent presentations,