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Evaluating whether computers designed to encourage self-learning result in better educational outcomes is something only a bureaucrat can conceive of... Someone who needs a third party to hang its coat on. Imagine this.. Children learn differently in oral tradition relative to slate/ paper/books tradition. Try evaluating the outcome of education in a world with books relative to the oral one using the criteria that the world of oral educators defined for success? Won't the books-world come up short on scores of cramming? reciting? recalling? etc?, just the criteria that was the foundation stone of success? Similarly f Deolalikar uses the criteria that worked for the non-computer based education and then found the computer screen based education creates a new set of learning outcomes, how would he compare? Seeing the future to evaluate using the lenses of yesterday has its own pitfalls. Visionaries do not need these crutches and bureaucrats know no better than to succumb to inertia.