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Jokko (or Jokoo) means “communication” or “dialogue” in Wolof, a national language in Senegal, West Africa. With the launch of the Jokko Initiative, Tostan and UNICEF have formed a partnership that positions them at the forefront of SMS-based innovation and focuses on empowering hundreds of rural African communities to use accessible mobile technology to improve their lives and those of their children. This partnership links UNICEF’s reach, resources and technical expertise with Tostan’s ground-level experience and understanding of local realities. Under the Jokko Initiative, Tostan added a new component to its CEP to teach the practical uses of standard mobile phone functions and SMS texting. The "Jokko" module uses mobile phones as (1) pedagogical tools to teach and reinforce literacy, organization and management skills and as (2) social mobilization tools that help to build consensus around local development initiatives by providing a platform for exchanging information, broadcasting ideas and organizing advocacy efforts, while amplifying the voice and influence of women and girls in community decision-making processes. The Center of Evaluation for Global Action at the University of Berkeley conducted an independent evaluation of the pilot phase. The Jokko team is currently expanding its activities to additional villages and identifying new mobile phone applications and mobile technology-based income-generating and social mobilization activities that serve the needs of rural communities. Interested? Read more about Jokko on our blog: www [dot] jokkoinitiative [dot] org