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Hi Mike, Gerry, and others, Nice to see this issue being raised again, and I think it is an important one. Also, thank you for the references to the UNESCO Schoolnet research, I think the lessons learned from that project were really interesting. Actually, much reference is made to and European Schoolnet in the UNESCO study - paticularly thanks to the input obtained by my working at European Schoolnet, and turning these lessons into usable material for the 'Lessons Learned Volume 3' with my colleagues Dr. Cher Ping Lim and Ellie Meleisia. Not to neglect of course the activities in partnership with, CoSN, and the GENIE network mentioned by Gerry White above. Indeed, members of European Schoolnet and the other networks mentioned gave informal input in that research, particularly on more 'historical' elements. It was also useful for my work in European Schoolnet, to help to compare our activities to others, as well as having a better theoretical framework for understanding how such bodies can evolve, and models that they can follow in terms of financing and sustainability. Nonetheless it is somewhat old now, and as Mike points out, very SE Asia centric. The work done by is a much more comprehensive global overview, covering a wider range of 'gateways' than the Schoolnet but is also now 7 years old. Thus I really welcome this research, announced by Mike, particularly in terms of getting a current, up to date overview. From my perspective, a global approach would be useful, as models in different parts of the world vary greatly. It would be interesting to look at the impact of web 2.0 on such organisations, and how they have responded to that challenge. Perhaps, to ensure it's relevant in both developed and developing countries, it would be interesting to include a section on long-term evolution of such bodies (including future visions/perspectives, response to emerging tech, financial sustainability, etc.), rather than simply 'how to set them up'. For information: - we published a paper last year on school networking in Europe specifically: - we publish, on an ongoing basis, news and information coming from national ICT/ed agencies on our Insight portal Finally, European Schoolnet will shortly be publishing a compendium of international networks and national bodies in ICT in education (non-exhaustive), as a result of the International Symposium for global networking on ICT that we held last June in Rome. I hope to share that with you all soon!