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Submitted by Homira on
Dear Mike, Yet another very relevant and candid post from you. Many of the lessons, or 'worst' practices that you describe can also be easily transferred over to the use of ICT in the health sector, so all nine points are applicable to us too. If I had to add a number 10 to your list, it would be to consider the energy needs of the equipment necessary to keep operating, and to consider the environmental sustainability of the energy source. We've had several high-tech ventures in Afghanistan that blissfully said they would just rely on power generators to juice up the laptops, but generators require fuel, and people living in absolute poverty have to make tough choices about resource use. The U.S. government's Leapfrog laptop initiative in Afghanistan is another really interesting example to look at. I also like your emphasis on what DOESN'T work because in being honest about our mistakes or mis-steps, we really learn. I also just read Aleem Walji's post on the need for public toilets in S.Africa versus the availability of Bluetooth technology. I must admit I didn't quite get the connection between the two, but his larger point about how technology can empower people, but not if their most basic needs are not met (i.e., safe water, sanitation, security). Keep up the good work dude.