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Submitted by Joe Nutt on
Excellently clear and frank post Mike. But isn't it truly shocking that it just seems to go on and on? The thing that most interests me in this situation is how to comes about, and my view is that one of the most damaging aspects is the way that the purse holders on educational ICT projects, never function as true consumers. I've worked on many where the key customer regards the project as their next step on a career ladder and doesn't invest any effort or energy in implementation, but everything in the relationships they establish during procurement. They inevitably leave their role the moment the contract is signed and there is absolutely no continuity but worse, no effective consumer/supplier relationship to ensure that what is delivered does its job. Add to that the skilled exploitation by marketing departments of "thought leaders" and other techno-zealots, and you have the perfect recipe for an ICT project with no educational value, substance or meaning.