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Submitted by Alexandra Draxler on
Your list is very good, and thanks for this, Mike. But, since you invited additional comments, I will add two : Plan to adapt educational objectives to the features and possibilities of the hardware instead of the other way around. We have all seen attractive gizmos which someone thinks MUST have some educational uses and therefore imports into classrooms for vanity, market or other non-educational purposes. The first question to ask is of course "what is the problem we are trying to solve?" followed by "what technology would help solve it?". Assume teachers are the problem and that technology can help make classrooms teacher-proof. This is more or less identical to no. 9. Not involving teachers right from the beginning is a sure way to get them less rather than more motivated. Technology can disempower teachers pretty quickly if lack of training or lack of coherence with the programmes and pedagogy they are used to makes them feel incompetent. No point in elaborating too much on these