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Thank you for this blog and all the comments. I got asked last year by a community in Lesotho to find laptops for their children. I was ignorant of most of the issues involved when I founded the nonprofit organization Laptops to Lesotho, but thanks to your comments and other similar forums, our group has been working very hard to avoid all these pitfalls. We've taken a year and a half to work closely with the local community and school officials before even bringing the computers into the community. We're working out formal contracts so everybody knows exactly what to expect and what their responsibilities are, including the students, parents, teachers, headmasters, community leaders, and our organization. The very first thing we plan to do when we do deploy the laptops is to send the teachers to training. We've lined up IT support for them, and we're working to acquire culturally appropriate lessons and to customize activities and materials to fit the local curriculum. Our biggest problem in trying to find grant-makers willing to pay for the less flashy items like support services, training, shipping, solar power, and evaluations. Until donors are willing to chip in to pay for these things, projects will continue to short-change them.