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In a perfect world you would be right on the money. But those in Education and EdTech exist in a far from perfect world. Education is an organic process of making lessons turn into learning, not a process of following fill-in-the-blank forms and lamenated planbooks. EdTech closely follows that organic identity. You may beg for all the government money you want to set up a computerized learning environment but the one thing you can be certain of is that 'if' they respond, it will be too little, too late, and it will be a 'take it or leave it' load of hardware and software. Today's schools with advanced integrated systems of learning would never have gotten off the ground if they had initially refused the offer when it came, been 'overly selective' in vendor relationships and squeamish about taking on the challenge of self-learning in networking and other EdTech subject matter. Educators make lessons work with what is available reinforcing core values regardless of whether the Sun was shining or not. A nice column for those with the luxury of options but it forgets that the humanbeing's attitude is the key ingredient of any educational experience - computerized or not.