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Submitted by Shakwei on
At AMREF, we have been implementing a national-scale eLearning programme to upskill nurses using the PPP model since 2005. We adopted the Kirkpatrick model to evaluate this mode of trainingtraining and have done levels 1&2 assessments (user satistaction & performance respectively) and are currently doing the level 3 (practice) assessment. Using the lessons learnt and good pracatice from our experience we have developed a model that we use to assess the "as is" status of a country with respect to implementing a natioinal-scale eLearning programme taking into consideration that countries context and objectives. From the findings of this model we are then develop an implementation strategy that we use to guide us as we implement a national-scale eLearning programme for that country. We are currently using the model to implement a national scale eLearing programme to upskill enrolled midwives in Uganda. I am very interested in hearing about how other large-scale eLearning programs in the developing world are being evaluated.