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Hi Jag, Thanks for your comments. Although you may skeptical, I would not categorize this FAILfaire event as a "one time PR exercise". (If it was designed as such, I would expect that it would have featured in more places than two blog posts, one of which is on educational technology issues -- not exactly a topic front and center of the developmental agendas for most people at large international institutions like this one!) For me, and for I think most people in the room, this was a great opportunity to learn. My hope is that events like this are signals, even if only faint ones, to colleagues within the educational technology community, as well to folks at the World Bank and other groups working on development issues, that it is possible to talk about these things more openly. Since making this blog post, I have received a lot of questions from people within this institution, and others like it, about how this sort of thing could be replicated internally. Will anything come out of such requests? I have no idea. Could this sort of thing turn into a PR exercise in the future? Sure it could. But that wasn't the case here. As for your broader points -- I assume your questions are largely rhetorical, and you have made your point. I do understand that there is an impulse in some quarters to ascribe nefarious intent to *anything* that people who work at places like the World Bank do or say or write. Fair enough. But I would submit to you that organizations like this one are not as monolithic as some might like to believe, and if you browse through the archive of posts here on the EduTech blog, I think you'll find that my 'candor' is not 'new found'. Cheers, Mike