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Submitted by Zulfi Erken on
The best way of understanding the necessity of ICT is just to think about its absence. I mean, lets assume and do not use any technology in classes. Result would be using colorful chalks, posters and textbooks. All teachers have these resources, and they say that these items do not engage students.The question is they worked before why they do not work now. I think the reasons are: 1- in the past, there was not enough school and only the student who wanted to study joined school. 2- Teachers were punishing students seriously and students were either running away from school or had to obey rules. 3- Number of lessons and depth of curriculum was less. 4- There were no television, pc games and all other activities. Students were focusing on their lessons. At the other, today students do not study at home. They do not listen if they are not engaged, and teachers cannot punish students. As a final world, if there would not be technology, student success level would fall drammatically.