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Submitted by Fabiano Cruz on
Hi Mike, I have put together a collection of national ICT in education policies and plans in the Latin American and the Caribbean (LAC), by mashing up the data compiled and publicly available in an open database with Google Maps and it turned out pretty cool. This work is based on the GeSCI publication you mentioned "ICTs in Education (ICT4E) Policies and Plans worldwide" by Roxana Bassi. The result is an outlook of the current policies and plans on ICT in Education in the region that would help us better understand how LAC countries are trying to use ICTs to enhance the relevancy and quality of education. The open datasource is available here: (see "LAC ICT4E Policies and Plans" worksheet in the bottom) Interactive Map - view LAC ICT/Education Policies and Plans in a full screen map here: This inventory is by no means exhaustive; it’s a working in progress. Any feedbacks and suggestions are welcome. Some background info here: Mike, please let me know if you and/or the SABER-ICT team wants to adapt / reuse / extend this work. That would be great! Just let me know. Best, -Fabiano