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Hi Eliza, Thanks for your note. Responding to one of your comments: >> One comment made that stuck with me was that while the village had electricity, they could not always pay the bill...eReaders won't be very useful if you can't charge them. Indeed, many people have noted that the 'digital divide' in Africa (and elsewhere too) is often a function of an 'electricity divide'. One thing I have noticed in visiting many schools in rural areas is that, while it may be a real challenge to keep (for example) computers in schools running because of unreliable and/or expensive access to electricity, somehow people are able to charge their phones. This is not to downplay the very real challenges related to rural electrification, nor the importance of efforts in this area, but rather to suggest that (maybe) there might be ways to keep e-readers (which typically stay charged for weeks at a time) working in such environments, even if the use of other ICT devices is not practical because of power issues.