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Fascinating post Mike, and something I've written about in the past too. A comparison with drugs and sport (and increasingly drugs and learning!) is valuable here. The technology is, as ever, just a tool: it's how it is employed we need to focus on, as you imply in your bulleted questions. Some years ago the Festina pro-cycling team was involved in a major drugs scandal. When Willy Voet, their soigneur, wrote his autobiography (after a prison sentence I believe) he told a story about how in one race some of the team actually hid behind a building, so they could join a race midway through it. His point was that once you start becomes a way of life. Isn't it one of the main purposes of schools and homes, to instil high moral and ethical standards? The siren calls of the techno-zealots for kids to use technology simply because they can, is a very dangerous precedent.