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Submitted by maestralidia on
I am a teacher of Italian primary school firmly believes in the value of ICT married to, I share many of your points and especially the philosophy that guides you. Some issues are really important and worth talking about and not more between educatri. Digital natives are, as digital immigrants, a label for the race to convince technology uncritically. In reality, the issues are many and not always there in the academic and pedagogical clarity. ICTs are not just web, not just PCs and computer rooms, are quite different. The school must occupy a significant role in education policy and media. His goal on broadcast content is absolutely dated. The school now has to be a place of reflection on participatory media, critical thinking, educational practice of sharing and building, place of cultural growth and exploration of media languages​​, all language media because the children are immersed in them. Unfortunately, these educational needs, ethical and cultural context that collide with a purchase order extends itself without adequate preparation, not technological, but fondamentalemente educational and didactic use of ICT in the school. Here today that the school should never invest in view of the formation of a national player, critical, reflective and author. Thanks for your reading so much and I apologize if my english is very bad prove.