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Submitted by Dramane DARAVE on
Hi Mike, Congratulations for the professionalism with which you chaired this interesting session at eLA 2011. It was impressing! I was rather surprised to hear some participants say they have never heard about PanAf. This initiative was featured in dedicated sessions during the four previous eLA conferences (Accra, Dakar, Lusaka and Dar es Salam). It was also presented in quite many scientific gatherings in Africa and elsewhere (USAID Higher Education Summit in Kigali, Unesco meetings in Paris, Bamako, and Lomé, Commonwealth Congress of Ministers of education in Kuala Lumpur , ADEA meetings in Tunis etc.). Numerous publications were produced and are easily reachable on the Internet etc. Thanks for mentioning in an earlier comment the link to the powerpoint presentations that were made by PanAf et eLA2011. As it is mentioned in your blog post, “Twitter may well be the medium by which one is best able to stay on top of developments related to ICT use in education across Africa.”