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Submitted by Osman Coskunoglu on
NYT series (Sep 3, Oct 8 and Oct 22) is an eye opener; and, an excellent example of independent reporting. It shows that, the only party that benefits from the use of ICT in schools is the ICT sector! Thanks to your posting, I now know that this result is valid for Brazil, a not so developed country, as well. In Turkey, now under consideration is a cleverly crafted project (?!) called Fatih which entails the use of smart blackboards and tablets in the schools. Turkish government together with the potential suppliers promotes this project (?!) which presumably will not only improve the education of children but also will support national ICT sector. However, it is clear to me and to very limited number of well informed academicians that the project will just benefit the sellers of technology, especially those that have a close relationship, if not an obvious alliance, with the governing political party in Turkey. It is very difficult to argue against the project (especially, for a former MP from the main opposition party like myself) when the only asset of the low income families is their kids in school, and when they hope that this "hi-tech" project will enhance their kids' education. Therefore, it is very important for the UN to publish the mounting evidence from different countries that just supply of technology is not going to help education; and, the fact that it is much more important to improve the demand side, i.e. teachers and education system. If there are such studies published, please let us know. Thanks for this informative and important posting.