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Submitted by JoeN on
Michael, Your final paragraph makes some critical points. Having recently spent some time working in a UK technology college, where the laptops used by teachers take about 20mins to log on to the network, and all pupils have to be registered, at every lesson, using local software, I've reached the conclusion that the only way to ensure sustainable hardware provision on to abandon the idea of funding teachers or pupils kit at all, and move to a process and system which relies on them buying their own devices then using them on their school's network. How you make that massive shift...I'm not at all sure. What I am sure of, is most current models for funding schools' kit are in their death throes...they're just waiting for the more honest politicians to deliver the last rites. The UK's education minister has at least acknowledged the problem in a recent speech in which he said it was time to spend what little they had to spend, on human capital.